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Cooking with Children

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By Diana Earnshaw

Everyone seems to be cooking more at the moment as we all have a bit more time. This is a really good opportunity to get children involved with the preparation of food and to teach them how to cook from scratch. So many children now, have no idea what “ingredients” look like because they are just served a meal! For their futures, knowing how to feed themselves using nutrient-dense foods is imperative. We can’t have the next generation thinking that food comes from a microwave oven!

It’s good to get them interested in food preparation at a young age. My grandson is 2.5 years and just loves to help his mum to bake a cake! Obviously what he can do is limited, but helping to stir the ingredients and level the top of the cake in its tin, is still involvement. You know your own children’s capabilities and their attention span, so choose recipes accordingly. There are a few recipes below, but there are lots more on the BBC Good Food website.

Pizza Bites This recipe will make 10 x 10cm “breakfast” pizzas or 30 bites. They are nutritious and will even suit those on a gluten-free diet. Most of the ingredients are available from True Food.

Easy Granola – let them make their own breakfast cereal – much cheaper than commercial varieties and more fun!

Dairy-free Banana Ice Cream Many people are dairy intolerant or prefer non-dairy versions, so this fits the bill nicely! Overripe bananas (from the rootle box?) are ideal. A blender is needed for this recipe.