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31/10 Pumpkin Day

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No tricks, just treats; tasty local pumpkins and squashes to buy and pumpkin soup to try at lunchtime.

21/10 National Apple Day

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Come and sample a variety of tasty, organic apples. Which will be your favourite?


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Come and join the fun in October! Sample our organic apples and try our pumpkin soup.

29/09: Cheese tasting

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We have some fantastic local organic cheeses for you to try... xr:d:DAFtHbNDfYo:5,j:8585390187105873755,t:23091911

23/09: Wake up to Organic

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Come and try our organic breakfast. Delicious! xr:d:DAFtHcWT9Lo:14,j:2708192576535543999,t:23091812

15/09: Chocolate Tasting

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You can't miss this one; come and taste our Organic Hazelnut and Chocolate Spread!