Become a Member


Membership is for anyone in our community who feels that being part of True Food can help make a tangible difference to the environmental issues we currently face.

Why would I become a Member?

It a great way to be more connected with what’s going on at True Food and feel part of our community – members are the first to know about new products and events!There’s a monthly member discount on specific products.

Members volunteering time with True Food will receive monthly discounts on their shopping of 5%, 10% and 15% depending on how many hours they contribute each month.

What do I need to do as a member?

Simply shopping with us supports our business and we welcome people who can only commit to this.

You can also help us by being a True Food ambassador by following us on social media, putting up posters and leaflets in your community and generally raising awareness with people you know.

If you have more time, there are shop-based tasks such as till work, restocking and cleaning that are needed on a rota each week.

And if you have more time but want to support us away from the shop, there is also behind the scenes support such as marketing, helping at community events and maintenance.

As a co-operative we are fully democratic with every member entitled to speak and vote at meetings. We hold an Annual General Meeting at which the accounts are presented and the committee is elected, and regular members meetings to discuss specific topics and to enable you to be involved in the decision making of your co-operative.

How do I join?

Anyone who supports our objectives can join, including anyone who shops with us or is employed by us.

Membership costs a one-off fee of £5 (£1 of which is your share of the business) and is open to anyone aged 16 and over. True Food is owned by the members; everyone owns just one share, and so you have an equal say with everyone else in how it is run. It also means that if we ever got into financial trouble you would only be liable for a maximum of your £1 share.

Bring your completed form to our shop from Tuesday – Saturday between 9am – 6pm, along with the £5 membership fee. We also invite you to make a voluntary donation towards our business if you’d like to. You can pick up a form in the shop or download one here. Full details of membership are available here.

We collect minimal data from you to meet the requirements of our Co-operative Constitution and to be able to be in touch with you about our business and membership activities. You can read our Member Privacy Notice here.

What happens after I join?

We’ll issue you with a Membership discount card and then contact you with details to be able to access the Member Area of our website and our shop rota/member communication system:

You’ll start to receive regular updates from us, including invitations to member events and details of the monthly discount products. You can also get as involved as you want to.

Want to know more?

But what is a co-op exactly? Find out here, and if you’d like to know more detail about the rules we follow you can read our Constitution. Or if you just want to chat and ask questions, pop in to the shop; we’d love to meet you!