We often hold events in store – to showcase products and suppliers, to celebrate events like Organic September, Veganuary or Real Bread Week, or simply to get our members together and invite others to find out more about us. You can also often find us at local events such as Reading Town Meal. To find out about upcoming events, follow us on social media or keep an eye on this page.

Coming up…

Organic September


We are supporting the Soil Association’s ‘Organic September’ initiative.

29/09: Cheese tasting

We have some fantastic local organic cheeses for you to try…

you may have missed…

23/09: Wake up to Organic

Come and try our organic breakfast. Delicious!

15/09: Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate spread tasting banner

You can’t miss this one; come and taste our Organic Hazelnut and Chocolate Spread!

09/09: Dried Fruit tasting


Come and taste our delicious dried fruits!

02/09: Rainbow Hunt


Find the rainbows and win a lolly!

Fruit & Vegetable tastings


1-5th August; fruit and vegetable tastings and ‘rainbow boxes’ in store 

Inspired by the beautiful produce available in store and the well-established health benefits of a varied and colourful diet, this month we are encouraging our True Food community to eat a rainbow of different coloured fruit and vegetables. Each afternoon we will be offering samples of different fruits and vegetables and a limited number of £10 ready picked fruit and vegetable boxes which include a rainbow of produce. Please follow us on social media for more information.

Helen Lunn

Helen Lunn

Local artist and supplier of our beautiful greeting cards, Helen Lunn will be in store with a range of her artworks and will be demonstrating how they’re created.

Loose-leaf Tea Tasting


As part of our plastic free July activities we will be giving customers the opportunity to sample our delicious loose leaf tea and find out the benefits of choosing it.

Meet James Norman


10:00 – 11:30am, Saturday 8th July

James from Path Hill Farm will be in store to talk about his farm and answer any of your questions.

Kombucha Tasting

Location: In Store

10:30 – 11:30am, Friday 23rd June

Rebecca, our buyer has got some new kombucha flavours in for summer and we are offering our shoppers the opportunity to come and try them in store. In this heat, kombucha makes for a refreshing drink and is linked to many health benefits.

World Refill Day


16th June: 5% off Refills

To support World Refill Day, we will be offering a 5% discount on all refill products, on 16 June, where customers bring their own containers.