how you can help

Working In Our Shop

One of the most vital roles is to help run our shop. Roles range from serving customers behind the till (hosting), unpacking stock and filling the shelves (restocking), helping to open and close the shop (set-up and pack up), and cleaning. You will always be working alongside a member of staff, and often, other members and volunteers too.

We use an online rota to manage these roles, log in here if you have registered with us.


We get through a lot of aprons in the shop and we’re always looking for people to join the team of people who collect, wash, iron and return aprons on a weekly basis, doing this for a month at a time, then swapping with the others.

This is an essential part of what we do in the shop. It may suit someone who doesn’t want to work in the shop but is keen to do something behind the scenes in support. Please contact Helga to find out more.

Cutting Down Waste

Can you help us recycle the things we can’t use?

Things we are keen to see recycled:

  • Huge cardboard boxes
  • Pink cardboard egg trays
  • Wooden fruit & veg crates
  • Chunks of polystyrene

If anyone can use these things, contact Angela if you can help.


We always need help to plan, coordinate and run promotional events at the shop and at fetes, shows and festivals such as Reading Town Meal. If you would like to have a role in promoting True Food please contact Angela.

Social Media

Are you active on social media? Would you like to join our tweeters, facebookers and instagrammers? Contact Angela if interested.

Flyers & Posters

We have flyers and regularly make posters advertising the shop. Please ask for some when you’re in the shop to distribute around your neighbourhood, and in places you visit such as dentists, doctors, libraries, community centres, cafes etc. Why not adopt a notice board in your area and make sure we always have a presence there? Contact Angela for details.

Recycling Glass And Cans and Compost

Could you take away our glass and cans for recycling? Maybe some compost too? Just ask in the shop when you are next in.