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Little people at True Food

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We are high on the little people radar for our plastic trolleys and classic kids’ toys corner.  We love tiddlers at True Food, TFC_Ethanbut it’s not all about us. We believe that shopping for food should be done with consideration and enjoyment. We should have time to think about what we are going to eat, to read packets and info sheets and to ask questions. Parents can better do this if their little ones are occupied and happy. This is so different to the acts of containment and damage limitation in other shops.

TFC KidsBut it’s more than that. We are a food community. We are passionate about our food and what we eat. As a community, we want our children to experience and share our respect and passion for our food.  They need to be involved in the process of choosing and buying what they will eat. So, they may be preoccupied in the toy corner, or aiming for ankles with a trolley, but while they are doing that they are absorbing and learning that food is important, that we make time for it in our busy lives, and that our food community welcomes and values them.

Our Little people march into the shop with confidence and fill their trolleys with lemons and Ella’s pouches, they know their way around, they can name the staff and they know True Food is a place for them.