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Making your own ice cream

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By Diana Earnshaw

If there ever was a food that typifies the warm afternoons and evenings of outdoor fun and eating, it must be ice cream. But truly, it does not have to be the sugar-laden, chemical cocktail that it sometimes is. Ready-made ice cream from True Food is available and it is so much better for you than the run-of-the-mill confections found in supermarkets and corner shops. However, if you want the ultimate control over what your family eats, you must have a go at making your own!

Of course, ‘ice cream’ is now a loose term for a frozen dessert that can be made from a multitude of different ingredients. Cream (of course) and non-dairy cream, coconut products, avocado, bananas and more. Also consider making sorbets and ice lollies for the little ones.

Frozen desserts and treats don’t have to be devoid of nutrients – a little heavy on calories maybe, but they are treats! For example, the first recipe below has all the wonderful fat-soluble vitamins – A D3, E and K2. There are numerous other nutrients too. The B vitamins are all present and a multitude of minerals.

Maple ice cream – At Christmas I make this ice cream and add a couple of cinnamon sticks to the milk whist it is being heated. If this is not the best ice-cream you have ever tasted, I’ll eat my hat! Remember though, the best results come from the best ingredients.

Banana lollies – Now for something as easy as pie! Lovely for children. Ripe bananas and lolly sticks is all you will need. True Food often have very ripe bananas so look out for them.

Mixed berry yogurt dessert