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Meet Syd Aston of Aston’s Bakehouse

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Syd Aston of Aston's Bakehouse is coming to True Food on Saturday 19th August to promote his amazing organic bread.

Aston’s Bakehouse is completely organic, from the flour down to the toppings.

Their products are all Demeter certified, a very strict set of organic and biodynamic standards. Aston's is owned and run by Syd Aston and is based on Sheepdrove Farm in Lambourne, Berkshire. 

Syd Aston was one of the first organic bakers in the country and has built a reputation for quality which goes back many years. He has a background in farming, so he understands fully the principles behind organic food from seed to loaf. Syd's personal principles have not shifted since day one – offering top quality, hand-made breads produced on a small scale with minimum impact on the environment.

When visiting Aston’s Bakehouse, we found that what the soft-spoken Welshman doesn’t know about bread, is not worth knowing.