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Chicken Stock

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Recipe by Diana Earnshaw


• All the leftover bones/skin from the chicken plus any leftover veg

• 2 litres water

• Himalayan or sea salt to taste

• Peppercorns

• Clean vegetable trimmings – onion roots and skin or 1 whole onion cut into 4 but not peeled (onion is very important). If you have them, celery leaves and wobbly carrots that might be lying around at the bottom of the fridge!

• Bay leaf

• 1 teaspoon vinegar or lemon juice


Put the bones in a stockpot, cover with water and add all the other ingredients except the salt. Bring to the boil then reduce heat. Put the lid on and simmer very gently for at least 8 hours. (Or simmer overnight in a slow-cooker.) Strain the stock. The salt can now be added. Cool. With your hands, remove all last vestiges of meat from the bones and put in a bowl in the fridge to add to soup. 

The bones will yield even more of their minerals if simmered again with more veg trimmings, but the broth will have less flavour.


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