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Shopping with a Difference

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Have Fun With Refills!?

Why not bring the kids to True Food Co-op in Emmer Green.  Make an activity of it – put aside a box of used plastic bottles and containers – get the kids to clean them!

Then come down to True Food and have some fun with refills:.

The most popular place to start with household refills is Washing-up liquid. Either keep your old bottle or use one of ours. Get the kids to refill the bottle using the pump in store. And at only 20p/100ml, it’s great value for an environmentally friendly product.

Or – Have a go at making your own cleaning product that you can use to clean almost anything!

  • Save a spray cleaning bottle (or we sell bottles and spray tops).
  • Fill it with half white cleaning vinegar – just 15p/100ml – and then when you get home, fill the other half with water.
  • You can also add fruit peels, herbs or essential oils to the bottle to make is smell lovely.

(Don’t use cleaning vinegar on granite or marble surfaces though.)

And after all that hard work, why not check out our selection of food refills and indulge your little one with some delicious dried fruit snacks.

Bring your own snack pot, weigh it first and then fill with the treat of your choice.