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Change one thing

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Throughout January our Instagram account featured a number of small steps you can take to help make positive choices for a healthier lifestyle and healthier planet. If you missed them, here’s a quick summary to get up to speed!

  1. Swap to organic eggs: Organic chickens are kept in smaller flocks, have greater access to a stimulating outdoor environment and enhanced welfare standards.
  2. Eat real bread: Reduce the amount of ultra-processed food in your diet by eating bread free of colourings and emulsifiers. A quick check on the label of most supermarket breads shows they often have a huge list of added ingredients. Basic bread is just flour water and yeast – perhaps with extra flavourings – but when the list goes beyond 5 or 6 it’s a bit of a red flag!
  3. Buy organic oats: Non-organic breakfast cereals that contain oats have been shown to have much higher levels of residual pesticides than organic.
  4. Choose unwrapped fruit and vegetables: Buying loose fruit and vegetables significantly reduces plastic waste, and also has been shown to reduce food waste. Root vegetables and salad in particular tend to have a shorter shelf life if kept in plastic bags because moisture and bacteria present when they are packed increases the rate at which they perish.
  5. Choose organic milk: The dairy industry has a huge carbon footprint, and often uses significant amounts of antibiotics. Selecting organic milk can really help to promote better dairy farming practices and is more nutritious.
  6. Refill your washing up liquid: 80% of the world’s plastic bottles end up in landfill, not to mention the fact that the original plastic is an oil-derived material. Transportation of liquid products in individual bottles is also very inefficient compared to bulk buying by refill stores. By keeping your washing up liquid bottle and refilling at True Food you are reducing waste and also reducing the carbon footprint of your purchase!