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Wooden spoons with spices

Exploring the medicinal properties of common kitchen companions

Human beings have used plants since the dawn of time for medicinal purposes, to prevent or treat ailments and promote healing and wellbeing. Indigenous communities globally relied on botanical knowledge being passed down from generation to generation. In modern times, scientific research continues to explore and validate the therapeutic potential of plant compounds, but that botanical generational heritage is unfortunately being lost in our society. There is always time to rediscover it though!

Selection of raw food products

Is organic produce worth it?

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Organic farming and production methods have multiple benefits for the environment, but how about for us as consumers? Are there benefits to organic produce that are worth the extra expense? Firstly, while fresh organic produce usually is slightly more expensive than non-organic equivalents, some products particularly tinned, dried… Read More »Is organic produce worth it?

Eat the Rainbow

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Inspired by the glut of beautiful summer produce available in store and the well-established health benefits of a varied and colourful diet, this month we are encouraging our True Food community to, “Eat the Rainbow.” Different plant foods contain thousands of natural compounds called phytonutrients, including carotenoids and… Read More »Eat the Rainbow

Why is organic so good?

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Most people would agree that organic products are in many ways ‘better’ than conventionally produced foods. Yet there are still many misconceptions about what ‘organic’ really means. We provide clarity and bust some common myths about organic foods to help our customers make informed decisions.

Cooking with Children

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Everyone seems to be cooking more at the moment as we all have a bit more time. This is a really good opportunity to get children involved with the preparation of food and to teach them how to cook from scratch. Here are a few recipes to try with them.