Introducing our new Value Basics range

‘Value Basics’ is the range of existing everyday products that we have price checked and found we are cheaper or comparable with the mainstream supermarkets.

We operate an ethical approach to setting prices that both protects suppliers and passes any savings we make onto customers – this is why you don’t see offers in our shop (as suppliers are negatively affected by this) and our prices sometimes fluctuate.

We were keen to identify everyday products from our existing organic and high-quality range that offer great value when compared with organic ranges from major supermarket chains.
Look out for the orange Value Basics stickers in store!

Are these products the same high quality as your usual products?

Yes – these are exactly the same products and suppliers as normal, we’ve just identified that they are great value with our existing pricing approach.

Which supermarkets did you compare your prices with?

Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda

When did you compare prices?

We initially compared prices during the week of 6-13 January 2022. We intend to compare at least every six months.