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Helping you reduce single use plastics

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If you want to buy plastic free, zero waste organic foods and ethical household and body care refills, we can help you. We stock over 90 zero waste organic foods and a wide range of ethical household and body care products, you can browse our ranges or download our handy pdfs (see below).

How does it work?

Shopping refills is a bit weird if you’re not used to it! You can check our FAQs for advice on how it all works, or you can just turn up as we provide bags and bottles (new and donated).

Why would I do it?

  • In 2022, customers refilling our popular washing-up liquid saved the equivalent of 2,300 new plastic bottles (500ml) – that’s saving on new materials and production of bottles and lids, transportation of the empty and full bottles, and waste processing of all those bottles and avoids them ending up in our environment, potentially as microplastics.
  • Refills are also often better value than buying a brand-new product – for example, our environmentally friendly fabric conditioner is only 20p/100ml.
  • When you need ingredients for a particular recipe, or just want to try out a new shampoo, shopping refills means you can buy as much or little as you want. This means you avoid those old bags of dried fruit hiding in the back of your food cupboard, or the range of ‘not quite right for me’ shampoos in the bathroom cabinet.
  • Our zero waste refills are also environmentally sustainable. Our loose foods are all organic – an approach to farming that works with the environment rather than destroying it, and our household and body care refills are all vegan, cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Find out more about our suppliers SESI, SUMA and Infinity.