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Tawny Port Casal dos Jordoes 75cl


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Casal dos Jordoes – NV

Rich fruit cake aromas, dark spicy fruit flavours with lovely jammy sweetness and soft, ripe tannins. This Tawny Port is surprisingly full bodied, and dark in colour, which is a little unusual, as most are lighter (hence the name Tawny) as they are aged in small casks for several years only, making them really good value. Youthful and exuberant in style, it can be enjoyed now, without ageing, and will not throw a sediment. We suggest drinking with dessert, maybe something chocolatey. Cheese of course, is another classic alternative. Can also be appreciated lightly chilled to calm the alcohol feel down a little and lift drinkability. We are hoping (with time) this rare organic Port estate may be able to release a 10 or 20 year old organic Tawny in the future!