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Pot barley, (per kg)


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Organic pot barley is a nutritious whole grain product that is great to add texture and flavour to recipes for soups and stews, which is particularly ideal for the colder months.
Because of its similarity to brown rice, this pot barley can be served in several dishes in place of the rice, for example in curries, risottos and tagines. This grain’s versatility is amazing in the sense that it can be ground into flour and incorporated into baking recipes.
Pot and pearl barley get mixed up quite often and the simple way of telling them apart is the pot barley has the husk removed leaving its nutty flavour behind and the pearl barley is purer making it less nutritious.
Pot barley is best when soaked overnight in cold water, then cooked in three parts liquid to one quantity of grain.

Typical values per 100g

Energy KJ: 1623
Energy Kcal: 384
Fat: 1.7g
Of Which saturates: 0.4g
Carbohydrate: 76g
Of Which Sugar: 0g
Fibre: 16g
Protein: 8.4g
Salt: 0.01g

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