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Selection of raw food products

Is organic produce worth it?

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Organic farming and production methods have multiple benefits for the environment, but how about for us as consumers? Are there benefits to organic produce that are worth the extra expense? Firstly, while fresh organic produce usually is slightly more expensive than non-organic equivalents, some products particularly tinned, dried… Read More »Is organic produce worth it?

Eat the Rainbow

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Inspired by the glut of beautiful summer produce available in store and the well-established health benefits of a varied and colourful diet, this month we are encouraging our True Food community to, “Eat the Rainbow.” Different plant foods contain thousands of natural compounds called phytonutrients, including carotenoids and… Read More »Eat the Rainbow

Reducing Plastic Use

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Here at True Food we have been supporting the world-wide initiative of Plastic Free July.  Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution by cutting down on single-use plastics. The poster below suggests various, easy ways in… Read More »Reducing Plastic Use