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Dried Fruit

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By Diana Earnshaw

I have been reading that during these strange times, people are getting creative in the kitchen. This can only be good! Already I have seen (via video) my 20 month-old grandson helping mum to make banana bread. This is an ideal time to be getting children involved in cooking.  Really, what better way to pass the time than to cook? The feeling of producing something lovely for the family is quite wonderful and elemental –  a feeling that may be lost to many in today’s world of fast food.

Hopefully you have some store cupboard ingredients. If not, get down to True Food – they have lots of things that supermarkets are running out of.

Why not make a Simnel Cake over the Easter season? I find fruit cakes quite forgiving – if you haven’t enough of one dried fruit, just substitute another. Beg, borrow or steal ingredients you don’t have!

Simnel  Cake  Thanks to BBC Food for the recipe and the photograph.   

Or how about an old-fashioned favourite? Clootie Dumpling or Clootie Pudding is a traditional Scottish dish, often served on Burn’s night. Still, there are no rules…!

Clootie Dumpling Thanks to BBC Food for the recipe and the photograph   .

Lastly, if cakes and puddings are not your thing how about a tagine? Utterly delicious! I particularly like a vegetable tagine, so the recipe is for that.

Spiced Vegetable Tagine – Thanks to BBC Food for the recipe and the photograph.