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Earth day 2024: 5 key questions answered

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  1. Earth Day…what is it all about?

The first ever World Earth Day was in 1970, with a mission to “diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide”. It continues to do this by engaging with thousands of partners globally to drive positive action for the planet.

The Earth Day movement is a practical one, aiming to provide resources and encourage collective efforts to raise awareness of the challenges facing our planet, and inspire action that can drive positive change.

This year Earth Day is on Monday 22nd April.

2. Shouldn’t every day be ‘Earth Day’ if we care about the future of our planet?

Whilst it would be amazing to think that everyone would recognise the importance of environmental protection all of the time, dedicated anniversaries and days to highlight the issue can be really powerful ways to kick start action and motivate individuals and organisations to accelerate change.

3. What’s the 2024 theme?

The 2024 World Earth Day theme is “Planet vs Plastic” … an issue very close to the heart of True Food! The movement is demanding a commitment to reduce the production of plastics globally by 60% by 2040. Not only is plastic derived from fossil fuels, but its production is extremely fuel intensive, and disposal of the end product is having devastating impacts on environmental systems globally.

4. How is True Food engaging with Earth Day 2024?

True Food supports the mission of Earth Day 2024 every day, by providing the community with a reliable and trusted source of plastic-free products and an alternative way to shop. To support the event this year, True Food is also offering 10% off refill body care all week from 22nd April to encourage a positive switch!

5. How can you get involved?

As a starting point, how about committing to swapping 3 items you routinely buy in plastic packaging for 3 you can buy without packaging from True Food…from loose dried food to household cleaning products or toiletries, there is a huge range to choose from.

Beyond this simple swap, the best action you can take is to make sure you understand more about ‘hidden plastics’ that occur in everyday life – from fast fashion to tea bags and toiletries, there might be more ways to make a positive change than you think. If you’re after some inspiration, Friends of the Earth have a useful guide here: Hidden plastics | Friends of the Earth or check out some tips from the True Food team: Reducing Plastic Use – True Food Co-op in Reading.

If you make a swap, share it with us and our community by emailing