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Organic Fruit at True Food

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There is no better time than summer to indulge in the luscious sweetness of fruit. By now we have all tired of imported tropical and citrus fruit, but the start of summer heralds the appearance of rich-flavoured berries and stone fruits such as apricots, peaches, nectarines and plums and the end finishes with crisp apples and soft, sweet pears. These seasonal fruits, as well as being delicious are full of great nutrition too and help to rehydrate us during the warmer months, so there is no reason not to enjoy them in abundance.

Fruit, however, is the one crop that it is imperative to buy organically. Studies of pesticide residues on produce have consistently shown fruits as being the most contaminated, particularly those where the skin is also eaten, including nectarines, peaches, pears, apples, cherries, strawberries, raspberries and grapes. Aside from your own health, there are many other good environmental and ethical reasons to choose organic fruit, but beware: organic fruit bought at the supermarket is very different from what you can buy at True Food.

One of True Food's selling points during the summer months is the vast array of fruit on offer, but the organic fruit available at the supermarkets just can't match True Food's in richness of flavour. It is also better for the environment than the organic produce from the supermarket. Why is this?

• True Food's suppliers often use more unusual varieties chosen for how they taste rather than their appearance. Within the supermarkets, we are restricted to only one or a handful of available varieties, often chosen for cosmetic reasons and their ability to keep well while they travel from farm to consumer rather than their taste. 

• Supermarkets often import even organic produce from long distances, but fruit from True Food is sourced as locally as possible. This enables it to be harvested when it is riper and the flavour is more developed. Also it reaches the consumer more quickly, so is fresher. This is particularly true of the apples and pears in the shop at the end of summer.

• By sourcing as locally as possible, it helps to support the local economy and reduces the carbon footprint caused by freighting produce long distances. 

• For summer fruit such as peaches and nectarines that we can't grow in the UK, they are land rather than air freighted, which is better for the environment.

• True Food emphasises seasonality by supplying fruit when they are at the peak of their season, and reducing the amount of non-seasonal produce on sale.

• Rather than having to buy a multi-pack, produce is sold loose so you only buy as much as you need, thus reducing food waste.

• Supermarket fruit is notorious for coming with excess packaging. At True Food, packaging is recyclable, kept to a minimum, and you have the option to bring your own.

• Any fruit which is past it's best is sold at a heavy discount in the rootle box, ensuring that very little goes to waste. 

True Food has regular deliveries of fresh summer fruit and they are only available for the few months of the year, so why not pop in more often to stock up?