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Tinned fish recipes

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Diana Earnshaw

Charlotte’s article on fish says all that is necessary on the subject. Whilst True Food do not sell fresh/frozen fish, they do stock several types of tinned fish and these are so convenient to have in your food cupboard for those emergency meals. Very economical too with no waste.

True Food stock:
Sardines in olive oil
Sardines in spring water
Sardines in tomato sauce
Mackerel fillets in spring water
Mackerel fillets in mustard sauce
Mackerel fillets in olive oil
Anchovy fillets in olive oil
Wild pink salmon

Sardines from a tin used to form a part of Saturday tea when I was a child. Sardines on buttered toast with a sliced tomato sounds like humble food and it is – but so nutritious and inexpensive! Mackerel fillets could be used in the same way. Tuna, mackerel or salmon would make good lunchtime sandwiches with a garnish of salad and maybe a yogurt to follow. This provides an excellent and balanced array of nutrients. Here are three recipes using tinned fish:

Tinned Mackerel Fishcakes

Salmon Chowder

Kerryanne’s Tuna Pasta Bake